People – Capital – Ideas

Since 2000, Grandville Equities Corporation has provided management and working capital for restructuring and emerging businesses. Our approach to entrepreneurial management and finance has delivered executive leadership and capital returns to a broad range of businesses including software development, industrial design and manufacturing, retail; including food, consumer goods, downstream oil and gas and transportation. Grandville also owns and operates a portfolio of wholly owned businesses.

Our experience in large corporations was that of many successful managers; that the next “promotion” was often to a troubled operation. In creating Grandville we first sought out executive leadership projects, where turnarounds were required on a fee for service basis. Recognizing that, like a salary, billing for hours has limitations, over time and with some pain and sacrifice we added the finance piece.

Grandville now targets a merchant banking niche: providing restructuring leadership and capital solutions for small sized entrepreneurial businesses. Selling the combination of management and capital established Grandville as a merchant banking operation; our effort and funds create equity; this is the way gecworks.

Grandville provides management and working capital. Grandville attempts to invest where the agreed path is to full return and repayment along with regained financial stability. Our experience includes that in some cases the best strategy may be to cut losses by liquidating or selling portions of the company rather than trying to turn it around. We typically work with shareholders; because we are generally hired by shareholders, not management, and because our loans and investments establish us as priority stakeholders. We are not debtor in possession “dip” lenders or bankruptcy experts but our projects often have many similar characteristics.

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