Merchant Banking via Work Out Leadership, Working Capital and Acquisitions

Work Out / Turnaround Leadership

We collaborate with clients to help identify the gaps between the current strategy and its viability. Once gaps are identified GEC provides the leadership needed to support viability and the future; essentially working out the tough decisions. We help identify and assess issues in the face of declining revenues, shrinking margins, working capital shortages, evolving industry structures and economic conditions.

Our leadership services include:

  • Assessments of the existing financial and operating environment of a company;
  • Monitoring of a company’s financial projection to evaluate viability of operations;
  • Identification of causes and sources of financial, market, or operating distress;
  • Proactive cash flow management;
  • Negotiation and settlement of contentious issues;
  • Wind-down assistance;
  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities;
  • Development of a restructuring plan;
  • Establishing a long term Management structure and team;
  • Manage employee and supplier communications and expectations;
  • Sale of non-core or under-performing assets

Working Capital Lending

Grandville Equities Corporation provides creative funding solutions to companies that are in transition from traditional lending and equity sources.

The capital we invest is our own and we use it to provide innovative loans generally structured on a demand, first lien position or senior secured facilities. We work with firms to identify and acknowledge problems, consider changes and to develop and implement profit strategies and often we syndicate with existing investors once a plan for success has been established.

Grandville’s underwriting and analysis process ensures each potential client’s debt instrument and related security is fully, properly and objectively analyzed before any position is acquired.


Grandville Equities is interested in growth via strategic acquisition. We are interested in hearing from shareholders who are looking for an exit from privately held investments in established businesses. These include companies that are experiencing growing pains, strategic changes or financial distress. The goal is to create an equity position, take control if required and repair the business to create returns.

Grandville targets a return profile characterized by limited downside with significant upside potential. Grandville is often engaged to monitor, augment or restructure companies by the debt or equity holders as an interim step towards complete or partial acquisition by Grandville.

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